Friday, May 25, 2007

25th May, 2007 Oh Foot

Probably my busiest week ever until it came to an abrupt end! I have been nursing my poor squashed foot for over a week (or rather trying to ignore it) until it protested so loud that I had to go to hospital. The doctor has now ordered me to put my feet up, literally, for a week. Fortunately I didn't have much on for the next five days anyway - unless you count being filmed by the BBC!! Petra perkins is now much sounder than I am. Some very interesting customers again this week - a couple of loaders and a starter to look at. Duke has worn and accepted his new bit (a 4 1/2" Hanging cheek low port Myler comfort snaffle) and Rushy has been sat on a couple of times (without any tack!). I've got Hilary Venon's Bitting Clinic to look forward to on 3rd June and she is also booked for 15th July when we are doing a joint horse event with Damory veterinary Clinic down at the Margaret Green Foundation Trust. All spectator fees will be going to the Trust.