Monday, May 7, 2007

7th May, 2007 Kelly Demo

There was a real party atmosphere at the Kelly Mark's demo last night. It was great to see so many people I know and to catch up with what has happened lots of horses that I have worked with. Linda and Cathy brought me a picture of Rascal being ridden by a wonderful little girl - apparently he regularly goes out for two hour hacks. When I think of how difficult it was to even scratch your nose when I first rode him. The demo was very relaxed and educating. The starter rodeo-ed with his first saddle but, having accepted that, acccepted his first rider very easily. Kelly's Pie galloped into the round pen to be caught and then made side passes and roll-backs look dead easy (watch out Petra, we have some work to do). Kelly couldn't escape the attentions of the "difficult to catch pony" once she'd proved she wasn't a predator. He was so relieved that he followed her everywhere. The non-loading pony showed the benefits of having another quiet horse around as Pie showed him the way up the ramp. It was a a really special occasion.