Friday, August 10, 2007

10th August, 2007 Spitting Feathers

Sadly I am having to give careful consideration as to whether I should carry on being an RA. People seem to think nothing of cancelling me less than 24 hours before their appointment or asking me to phone them back on their mobiles for a 20 minute discussion about their horse and then not booking me. I also worked for a local charity for a day for nothing, not even expenses and they wouldn't even give me a free soft drink. Perhaps I have doormat written all over me. All the good reviews in the world cannot make up for this and they certainly don't pay my bills. I seem to be having a run of horses that have gone on strike about having their feet picked up. Let's get one thing straight shall we? The horse's feathers are not put there as a covenient handle for people or farriers to pull up and hold on to a horse's foot. No wonder these horses have decided that people have forfeited their right to handle their legs. The art is to ask the horse to pick it's foot up and maintain it's own balance. Yet another busy week and another one ahead. Solomon the Arab and his companion, Lennie, were long reined back across the Forest to their own home on Wednesday - seven miles. It was so tempting to back both of them there and then and not to have to walk! Then it was back to the farm to long rein Jester and later he was backed by Julie. I wish I had photos. Decorating and horse work mean that I haven't been able to get near to a shop to buy a new camera.