Friday, August 31, 2007

31st August, 2007 Picture this

So there I am with a 2 year old New Forest pony walking on the quietest, no through lane we can find in Pamphill, near Wimborne. Now, this pony has had a terrible experience with a lorry before and bolted for home. Imagine our horror when we turned round to go home and there was a massive (and I mean massive) arctic coming towards us taking up the whole of the lane. I asked the driver to stop and he did and he switched off his engine. I then went to ask him whether our pony could have a good look at his lorry for a few minutes and he happily obliged. The pony investigated the bumper and the wheels and then the sheeting on the side of the lorry and then stood quietly in the gateway while the lorry started up again and moved away. We then "chased" the lorry at walk and trot down the road which the pony thought was splendid. We then turned back towards home with him walking along totally relaxed beside us. So, Adrian from K.R. Joyce and Sons, Haulage Contractors in New Harbour Road, Poole - you are an angel!!!