Friday, August 31, 2007

31st August, 2007 How's it going?

August has been a really busy month and I've had some interesting feedback. I have worked with all sorts of horses and all sorts of people in all sorts of places.

It was lovely to see you as usual and you had the effect of giving us all a boost of confidence, especially Freddie who was a star and has moved off 'death row' and over to Fr. She was more positive about taking him on now that she can really see she makes a difference and how he responds to her. We shall really try to keep to all our boundaries (I've all ready been told off by Fr for letting S wander off as I was trying to do up her rug!) I told her it was difficult for me because I'm used to trailing after her (Fr) picking up her stuff when I should make her do it like I should insist S stand still. Funnily enough that seem to make sense to her so she has just cleared the table! You should specialise in Teenagers and ponies! You are very quick to tell me to be positive and I am grateful for that, but you should give yourself a big pat on the back for the amount of good you do, I think you can put yourself down as much as I do (to me not you!). You are a brilliant teacher and give far much than I think you realise. I went out to the ponies to give them supper just now, they were all relaxed and happy - they didn't push or barge and Freddie stood calmly and relaxed, as he looked so laid back I picked up all his feet, he was as good as gold. I did all the others for good measure and they all stood still and obliged. When I went to get the buckets after supper Freddie followed me around the top field (I was kicking apples into the stream). He just stayed with me about a foot away he didn't chase the apples like he normally does or get bouncy but just strolled after me looking interested. I stopped and rubbed him and he sighed and was quite unlike himself, he was absolutely a dream until next door's cat came in when he charged off and tried to kick it's head in. That's Freddie! D'you know he once actually ran into a tree chasing a squirrel!I hope you'll be back to see us soon - you're better than any psychotherapist and I think the ponies benefit a bit as well!
LRB 21.8.07

How are you, I just wanted to let you know about my Fell yearling filly H. H is a funny little thing I have had her since November and I feel that up until this week we have not bonded, one minute she is a cocky little thing the next minute a bag of nerves that bolts on seeing anything odd. Well for the last couple of months I have been working hard to get her ok to take to the New Forest show, she has been gong up and done our quiet side lane going over tarps, over poles, through tyres but still she didn't really trust me. The night before the show she would not even let me groom her so I thought I have got nothing to lose so I sent her away and kept her out of the herd for a good 5mins no licking or chewing just temper tantrums until I dropped my shoulder and turned away. Well she was glued to me I was able to groom her all over and get her looking lovely for the show, she did not put a foot wrong at the show; she travelled really well, coped with seeing all those tractors and came first in her class and went on to be reserve champion, and she stood so still for me in the line up, people must of thought I was a bit odd as i was doing the staring bit at her but who cares it works. Thank you so much it has really made a difference to our relationship as we now have one instead of just putting up with each other!
E-mail from TK 28.7.07

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your work with Stanley today and for all the preparation work you did with Stanley and myself beforehand to get to this point. I can hardly believe it - he had all 4 feet trimmed and it was a really positive experience for him. When I let him afterwards at the bottom field he cantered off and then cantered back to me as he didn't want to go and find his friends on his own. So we walked to the other field together and I handed him over to his horsey friends to look after him. He really is a very special horse.
E-mail from JG 28.7.07

Sarah I am still over the moon about R-pony. Believe it or not I have been doing what you showed me - he's different in many ways. I also have read lot of information on your website and the paper you left me can't believe it.!!! (Article by Kelly Marks on Seperation Anxiety)
From KH 30.7.07

Thanks for all the work you've done with Solomon he has really come on well… seeing him long reining so nicely was very uplifting.
EB 3.8.07

I have been up and down the road and my goodness what a difference no more arm ache its lovely.
From TK 7.8.07

I'm sure Piper will be fine - just take a look in the Brook hospital newsletter to remind ourselves how pampered our horses are compared to their foreign cousins!! He has a safe and kind home so that is most important. You are not taking him to the olympics and as long as he is not trying to kill you or escape then you mustn't put pressure on yourself! Now I sound like you!!!
From FM 10.8.07

Thank-you so much for coming out to see us, we have been practising for when we see you next, and its really nice to have M-horse stood happily on the box without looking so worried.
From AB 24.8.07