Sunday, August 12, 2007

12th August, 2007 In which Piper goes to a dog show!

Piper had his first outing today to give a demonstration at the Margaret Green Foundation Trust on their Dog Show Day. For a pony that has always thought that one person is a person and two is a round up I thought he coped fantastically well with forty pairs of eyes staring in at him at a time and he allowed me to put his headcollar on and do some de-sensitization work with him. By the end he was becoming rather blase and eating haylage whilst surrounded by crowds of interested people. A very special thank you to David, Julie and Tammy who gave up their Sunday to give me moral support. Julie also worked with Piper in front of the audience (no pressure then) and is only the second person to be able to get his headcollar on. I must not forget to mention Tara, who works for MGFT who put together a great visual display complete with Piper pictures.