Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12th December, 2007 Bryn Win Situation

I had a lovely trip to Horsham yesterday. Little Bryn was an Exmoor pony with a difference, he was born with a whacking great star in the middle of his forehead - not really part of the breed standard! Fortunately for him he was spotted by Diana when she was on holiday in Exmoor and she arranged to buy him before anyone could decide that he could only be sold for meat. His breeder stuck a headcollar on him and off he went. My job was to get the headcollar off again as it had been put on much too tightly and he was adamant that no-one was ever going to get near his head again. By the time I left yesterday evening, he was being cuddled all along his left hand side and down his face and was competely naked. Hoorah!I weaned my own foal today. It's not an easy or a nice job. I have put him in with his Auntie Nell for company and let Blue (and Rosie) back out onto the Forest. They can still hear and see each other. In the old days we used to take the mare as far away as possible but current thinking is that it's better to wean nutritionally and then emotionally. In an ideal world, I would have liked to have left him with Blue for longer but she is sick of him, he's growing too quickly and she's pregnant again and could lose condition rapidly. He is going over to his new owners during Christmas week where they have a filly to keep him company. In the meantime Nell is trying to be patient with him and was even sharing her hay with him when I left. I shall go and check them all again later.