Sunday, December 16, 2007

16th December, 2007 Christmas

I thought I was over the loss of my Dad last Christmas but as we were unpacking all our c.d.'s after our house build, I discovered little slips of paper inside some of them indicating my Dad's favourite tracks which I had played at his funeral "party" including Lady D'Arbanville by Cat Stevens and Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones. Floods of tears of course. I have always found Christmas tough so we are doing the works this year and the tree looks great.

Latest reviews (which I hope would have made my Dad proud):

We had Sarah come to our place when we had four youngsters, A filly off the forest from a wild mare who avoided people at all costs, so the foal was the same, a filly and a colt that just reared as soon as they had any form of contact, and one who was too cuddly and in your face, would walk right over you.( No personal space respect.I can only say it was brilliant results! So interesting to watch, all very nice to do with the youngsters, very calm and relaxed!!They haven’t looked back, even after being turned out again for a while. They all lead and load... just love the trailer! Happy now to just follow you where ever!Just yesterday, we bought some rugs, they have never had them on before, absolutely no problems, they just now trust anything we do with fear at all, it just makes everything you teach them a complete pleasure.I would definitely go for Sarah’s help with these youngsters… and let us know how you get on. Good luck..:0) Claire Kitcher xx 6.12.07

I think you should take all of the credit for putting the 'I' into my 'H'! Sheila Reed 7.12.07

Thanks so much for a wonderful session! It's good to feel confident about this technique as it's such an important part of initial training.From Anna Shepherd 7.12.07

Thanks for a great day. I think everyone enjoyed it even though the weather was horrid.
Clinic feedback from Tracey Hartland 8.12.07

Just had to let you know that I managed to long-line Obie today!!! So I wanted to say a big THANKYOU to you for getting me started and giving me the confidence I needed to support Oberon. Have a great Christmas, I think mine's come early!
E-mail from Anna Shepherd 13.12.07

I'd just like to say a really big thank you for travelling down to see us on such a bloody awful day and for the really useful report you sent.I have studied it at great length and have been practicing the exercises every day with Rufus. Albeit for short periods of time at 6 in the morning before work . When I needed him to take a step back I moved to his shoulder ,looked at his leg and he was really clever and took a step back very politely. His leading has also improved and will stop when I stop . He is also learning to keep his feet on the floor and I have been able to use the tendon technique to get him to bring his foot up . He is responding brilliantly to only coming forward when I'm asking him too and is not trying to mouth me as much and invade my space. .I'm so thrilled with what you have taught me and really hope to have a visit from you in the New Year . Hope you have a lovely Christmas ,
From Maria 15.12.07

Hello Sarah & David, A huge thank you for giving up your precious Saturday to help us with the foals, especially in such freezing weather.Rob enjoyed working with Conker and appreciated David's tuition and encouragement. It was the first time he has ever done anything with a horse before.Sarah you were brilliant and give me such a boost of confidence. It is so good to have positive feedback when I get it right. My driving instructor told me in 1979, that if I didn't remember to look into the rear view mirror each time I did something like indicating, he would punch me. Needless to say it didn't inspire me with confidence. Jane Howard `15.12.07