Friday, December 14, 2007

14th December, 2007 In which Blue rejoins her herd and Rosie goes walkabout

Well, that must be the most untraumatic weaning I've ever seen. Blue has wandered off to re-join Oliver and his band up at Longcross and her boobs have already gone down after being rather swollen yesterday. Kanuthi seems to be oblivious to her absence and is happily tucking in to hay with his Auntie Nell. Rosie on the other hand has gone missing and I have a strong suspicion that she is making her way back to her old haunt at Abbotts Well some eight miles along Hampton Ridge as the pony trudges. I have a policy of feeding any of my ponies that turn up at the gate in the hope that they would come home if they were in trouble. Rosie will probably turn up at her old house!I'm looking forward to Sunday when I have a Lusitana mare and her companion coming in for work. That will keep me occupied over Christmas then.