Wednesday, December 26, 2007

26th December 2007 European Boxing Day

At home I am surrounded by alcohol, chocolates and grow your own Indian herbs (marjoram!!!) so it's a good job I am working over Christmas. On Christmas Eve I was asked to get a head collar on a three year old imported Dutch Warmblood filly that had said an abrupt no or the equivalent in Dutch. The touch and move away technique (advance and retreat) worked instantly and she was soon being touched with the head collar and allowing me to put it on over her neck and then doing up the noseband. I was glad that I hadn't had to start with a hand on a stick - I'm not sure I had one long enough to avoid her back legs if she been more adamant. My European week continued with the beautiful Lusitano that I've got in for fittening and re-starting. She is an all terrain follow you anyway sort of horse and happily jumps the logs and ditches out on the Forest. She's a bold horse and fascinated by everything including a dozen lively pigs that maraud my field from time to time. With two to fitten after the New Year I should get fitter too so it's bubble and squeak for breakfast today and another large dinner.