Thursday, April 24, 2008

24th April, 2008 Two out of three ain't bad

I got the following from Linda today....

Following your demo and the clicking training you did with that gorgeous Shetland (want one!) I have used this method on F&F so that I can spray them when the flies get troublesome.


(Except for one bit.)(More later)

I started with Fern just let her sniff the bottle, clicked, took it away, and gave her a nut. It takes some co-ordination on your ownsome doesn’t it? So on until I could touch her all over with the bottle and then gently did a touch and spray. IT WORKED like magic. She was practically turning round saying “and this bit, spray this bit, what about here” etc etc it was great. Freddie was equally as good although whilst he stood perfectly still to be sprayed I have to say it wasn’t with the same enthusiasm as Fern but then she is a lady that lunches first and foremost.

The only bit o’ trouble I’ve run into is that I shut Suze the other side of the gate whilst I was doing this (as she seems to be an old hand at spray and not at all bothered), but she is keen on a nut or two (hundred) and was very interested in proceedings especially the nut part. Unfortunately she popped her head over the gate just as I was doing an enthusiastic manoeuvre with my bottle (Freddie was being sooo good) and I got her right up the hooter.

She then commenced about five minutes of sneezing and snorting (I only had cider vinegar and water in the bottle) and now hates the sight of it!