Saturday, October 25, 2008

25th October, 2008 End of the summer

It's been another busy week with visits from the vet and the farrier to set the horses up for the winter. If Nenad the vet grows much taller I am going to have to get a stand for my New Forest ponies to stand on to have their teeth done. It's good to know that they are all comfortable and can get the most out of their food. This week we have also started Theodin, the NF x QH at his own home - Julie thinks that we should get a Western Saddle for all starters as she felt so secure. Our farrier phobic horse has had front shoes on and will have his back ones on next week. Next week promises to be busy too with two in at the yard and plenty out on the road - not literally you understand.

Pleased to see vet Dr Sue Dyson highlight the significance of neck pain in the performance of horses - she says "Muscle injury can be traumatically induced by a horse pulling back when tied up, whether or not it succeeds in breaking away." (Horse and Hound 23rd october, 2008 page 21). So what risk to the vulnerable immature neck bones and muscles of a foal when it pulls back in absolute terror?