Sunday, October 12, 2008


I was immensely proud of Sheila, Julie and David yesterday when they worked with three untouched foals, including a Forest bred foal, in front of an audience of about 35 people who go on the New Forest Equine Directory. After a particularly heated thread about the handling of foals, it was great to be given an opportunity to just demonstrate what we do so that people can make up their own minds whether they like it. Fortunately the weather was beautiful and the setting at Vanessa's house just perfect. There were also doughnuts in abundance.

Tomorrow heralds the start of a 7 day working week for me with everything ranging from an Andulusian colt to Icelandic horses, a Dutch Warmblood and an untouched New Forest pony.

E-mail received after the demo:

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you to Sarah and all the people who organised the foal demo. I attended the demo not knowing the circumstances in which it was arranged. The reason I wanted to go was that I had recently purchased a foal and was looking for a non violent way to train her. My foal was unhandled straight from the forest and now I can touch her all over, put a headcollar on and lead her with no problems. Previously she would try and kick you at the slightest oppertunity. I am glad there are people like Sarah & friends that are willing to take the time and effort to organise these demo's so thanks alot, me and my foal are now on the road to success!!!!!
JH 1.11.08