Sunday, July 12, 2009

12th July, 2009 Starry, starry night...

It's difficult to describe just how heavenly it is to go to bed (on a very comfy mattress) under the African stars. We didn't try to count them but woke up every few hours to take a good look at the sky and check out whether there were any wild animals wandering around. This followed by a bucket shower and an enormous breakfast ended our stay at Loisaba.

On the way back to Naivasha, David sat in the back with Debbie's two children and I learned that his favourite colour was red, his favourite farm animal a cow and that his favourite wild animal was a leopard.

Back at Debbie's, Dorian accepted being touched within a minute or so and then really enjoyed being rubbed along his back and neck. It seems that he has remembered everythinhg from that one short session he had before we left.