Saturday, September 5, 2009

5th September, 2009 Dazzled

I have been working with Razzledazzle, a 3 year old Highland pony today. All being well, he will be coming in for two weeks pre-starting work when I get back from Dartmoor in October. I have only worked with him once before and, having been turned away for three months, he remembered everything and was such a good boy today. While Rene and I worked with him, there was another horse being worked at walk, trot and canter all around him.

Yesterday I managed to leave all my long reining kit in Bath where I was working with Jani and her ex-racehorse, Lettie and carol's Exmoor, Scrumpy. I normally leave something behind but a whole box in Box is ridiculous - still, might bump into Peter Gabriel next time I go down.

E-mail from Jani (with Lettie): Thank you so much for all the very valuable teaching and information that you gave us yesterday. I think you are amazing....... It has been so helpful and the appraisal that you so efficiently sent through will help me remember what you said. I shall read learn and inwardly digest it over the next few days.

(10 days later): Lettie is doing really well. A and I have been taking her out for walks and on Sunday went for a long ride I rode the first half and then he took her onto the golf course - probably three miles and she was really good once we got away from the stable - though still stopping and going slow we are at least getting out of the stable yard better and she seems to be trusting us more. So thank you VERY MUCH you certainly made a big difference.

And from Abi: Rene enjoyed the session with Razz and has been practising all he learnt today! I am so pleased with La-La and Razz as I didn't expect them to be so good! Just goes to show you shouldn't underestimate these wonderful, intelligent animals, they really give so much once we learn to speak their language.