Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9th September, 2009 Jack Spratt

With Petra and Chancer off work for one more week, I am spending any spare time that I have working (okay, playing) with Jack. He is doing really well. He can cope with being led, even with the rope swinging, and with some pressure and release but on the very odd occasion that he leaves with the lead rein, he is still very frightened of it. He can't understand why it follows him if he moves and he just stops dead and waits for me to rescue him. Perhaps he thinks its an adder. In an effort to help him through this, I have been asking him to walk over the lead rein and rewarding him for that. Today he was particularly brave, trotting over poles, going through a thin gap between barrells and walking over the carpet. Small steps, but important ones.