Tuesday, November 24, 2009

24th November, 2009 Gallaber Farm

Having gone to the quiz night with Sarah on Sunday night (we lost!) I spent most of Monday with her watching and helping her and Clare (riding above) with three of their current residents. Red (the horse above) is a blue Dually wearer - so, pretty tall and imposing - he has been having a bit of a crisis of confidence so lots of desensitisation work with various obstacles around the farm. Another horse, William, has been succesfully avoiding having his feet picked up for a good long time. Yesterday we took turns to clicker train him or to pick his feet up and rest them against our legs as a trimmer would. It's working a treat if you pardon the pun. It's good to see that as RA's, often working in isolation, we do things pretty much the same way. Sarah also works with young racehorses for local trainers. Sarah has great facilities including an indoor barn with a round pen and some brilliant riding country around the headlands of her own farm and around the local village: http://www.gallabarfarm.com/

My lot got another credit note today as the wind was blowing the trees sideways and throwing all my kit about. Hopefully it will calm down by tomorrow morning.