Monday, November 30, 2009

30th November, 2009 Leading Ludo

This is lovely Ludo who I have been working with about once a month since May. He's 3/4 New Forest and 1/4 Arab - a great cross. Today he wore a saddle for the first time and was totally blase about it and then we talk him for a walk out on his own for the first time. He took it all in his stride.
Once again I have been contacted about three horses that people have been prepared to give away free in just this last week. The first, a New Forest cross coloured pony was bought from the sales in October. Within weeks it had become aggressive possibly because it was being kept alone in a garden, possibly because it was just discovering testosterone. The appointment I had to go and see him was cancelled when the owner's landlord said that she must get rid of the pony. I had just two days to circulate his details before he was sadly posted back into the sales to face a very uncertain future. I hope that he has in fact found a good home. There is no room at the inn here with four of my own and two on loan.