Thursday, November 14, 2013

14th November, 2013 Lark Rise to Handle Good

Fourteen hours of filming by Horse and Country TV over the last two days and I am extraordinarily exhausted. I'm not really sure why when all I did was do a bit of talking, riding and running with the horses. I've tried to be as natural as possible but it is the most disembodying experience - you become so aware of everything you do and say and I'm not always sure I trust my mouth to say what my brain is thinking!. The programme will be aired on Christmas Day.

Explaining about some of my bizarre but really useful kit.

Feather duster on her left hand side and keeping low.

First request for just one step towards me.

Kelly and I working with Lark with the feather duster just after she offered her right hand side for the first time. I didn't work with her yesterday but there was a real surprise for me which showed how effective these methods are.

The key features of the programme will be Kelly's visit and the work we did with Lark, me hacking out with Charly and meeting a massive pig, and running on the Forest with Jack and Nettles.

Kim and Colette being thoroughly inspected by Squiggle and her daughter