Thursday, November 24, 2016

24th November, 2016 Barometers

My wild ponies are the best barometer that there is, or should that be barrow meters, as they always head home when the weather gets bad or the grass become sparse. So far this winter, no sign of them getting any nearer although their friend, Exmoor, has arrived.

Meanwhile, Hattie is practising her pirouettes...

This afternoon I went off to meet up with Rosy and Zebdi and made a start on the real purpose of my involvement. He has a real phobia of syringes, for injections or worming, as well as the clippers. The vet had warned me that he had become aggressive when she approached him with a needle. For that reason I started off with the stable door shut between us but also gave him the freedom to move away completely if he wanted to. In the event, he worked so quietly with me, giving me the benefit of the doubt, and making the connection between the clicks and treats. We were very pleased with his progress today and by the end of the session I was standing next to him in the stable, touching him with the syringe.

On the way home I saw this stately pig...

Talking of which, Sarah's foot trimming was interrupted by the pet pig, Truffles.