Thursday, April 20, 2017

20th April, 2017 Finding the Middle Ground

Another session with Elijah today and he is much calmer than he was about having his feet picked up since we introduced clickered rewards. However, he was far too avid about food so we switched to something less exciting but equally appreciated, lovely neck rubs. We ended the session with him picking up his back feet without wafting them about and allowing us to hold on to them for half a minute.

Afterwards I took photos of him and his best friend, Bob the Cob, in the field...


Back at my fields Nelly and Blue, currently in off the Forest, were close but no coconut when it came to targeting the muck heap.

They are due to have their teeth looked at by the vet on Monday, although two may have become three by then if Nelly's pensive look is anything to go by.

Hoping that the tuck shop will open in a minute

In other news, Hannah's lovely Shire mare, Breeze, had a colt foal last night...