Sunday, April 30, 2017

30th April, 2017 Sisters of the Moon

Another three part session with Moon with long breaks in between. There is no way on God's earth that this pony would come round with just time and patience, perhaps someone sitting in a field for a year or two reading a book. She has no need of people at all - although she will eat their food if they stand at a distance. Given even a limited range of options, she would always choose to avoid people.

Yesterday we decided to reduce her options a little more and to give her slightly less space in the pound - otherwise she was just going to keep going backwards and forwards, just out of reach, into the hut and back out again. By closing the panels in we were actually going to be able to reduce the pressure and her adrenalin.

Once everything was nice and secure, she came in and we began work again with the feather duster, this time being able to reach her at all times but never preventing her from moving. I could work on showing her that the instant she stood still the feather duster would go away. I might even be able to prove that the feather duster could feel nice - although this is a pony that doesn't even really like the touch of other horses.

From this speed...

To a walk...
Within certain limits, she allowed me to touch her with the feather duster, first of all just tolerating it, and later seeming to enjoy it just a tiny amount when it gave her a lovely rub at the withers or along her back. We have to remember that she is an entire and that for a brood mare, touch can be very significant. teaching me to go away by stopping.

We felt that we had made a little progress and will see what next week will bring.

Between sessions I did some more incremental clicker training with Henrietta who will now put her back feet on the nail file and cross over it width ways.

The tarpaulin has always been a doddle...

...and show jumps are fine...

...but she is always overjoyed to be on her plinth!

Adam the Potential Vet was also over and we all took Jack out for a walk at the end of the day. Since his lead rein was stolen last time I left it in the inclosure I thought I would take Jack out entirely naked to save anyone the bother of pinching things. Even on the open Forest, where there are other wild ponies about, he can be trusted to come back to me although Adam did try to run away with him.