Saturday, April 29, 2017

29th April, 2017 Moonbeam

It's was a head-scratching sort of day. Moon decided that she couldn't possibly go in the barn so instead we persuaded her to go into the pound, putting panels across the gate to be on the safe side.

Just the very presence of humans fills her with fear, even those she has known for a while. She will accept feed from a bucket but not from the hand; for now clicker training is out of the question.

As we began she made sure she knew her escape strategy. Karen has worked with her with a feather duster in the stable before but felt that Moon disassociated herself from the process...however, it is easy to create a pattern of behaviour if you create too much choice.

Here I am simply asking her to engage with the feather duster...

...and after a while she became more relaxed about it.

Using very subtle pressure and release. Each time I stepped away she turned towards me and often took a step in my direction.

We had visitors later and although Moon isn't all that fussed about other horses normally she seemed to like the New Forest ponies.

So still some headshaking at the end of the day.

Henrietta often looks as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth...

Here she is training her human to stand on the nail file...

...but with a bit of clicker, she started to experiment with it herself. Only front feet today...

It was good to see my ponies coming home with Nelly so near to foaling.