Tuesday, April 4, 2017

4th April, 2017 La-La Land

When I was a child and it was raining, or I was ill, I could be amused for hours by a copy of the Horse and Hound and a pair of scissors. I would set up my own farm, livery and riding school, buying everything from stables and troughs, to horses, jumps and dressage markers. I always had a posh horsebox. I didn't have to spend any money, and I certainly didn't think about boring things like licences, insurance, or qualifications. It seems that you can still set up a real horse training business in exactly the same way and as long as your customers never ask the right questions you still don't have to bother about licences, insurance, or qualifications. You don't even have to have any experience. You can suggest that you have qualifications by mentioning the things you may have attended for a short while, or the people you have met, even if you dropped out or never submitted the evidence that was needed to actually pass your course. You can tell people that you have worked with so-and-so as long as you never put it in writing and no-one ever checks. You can run events, run risks, and run rings round people and no-one will ever know unless they ask the right questions.

Do a bit of detective work. Ask the right questions.

Incidentally, owners of children can thank me for this idea later...