Tuesday, October 10, 2017

10th October, 2017 More Pony Juggling

Took Théoden and Petra over to our new holiday paddock about eight miles from their usual fields. They weren't convinced we were ever going home but were very pleased to see the green grass in their temporary home. Don't ever ask Tracey and I to set up a logistics company as we couldn't work out for the life of us who needed to drive over to which end to make sure we had the tack in the right place and a car to get us home again.

Peechay is a little more settled although the running foot was still in evidence. He was much closer to the mares and they were no longer bunching together.

Once Juma and Nelly go over to the holiday paddock I shall start to do a bit of training with him. He already picks up all of his feet and allows me to touch him all over so next we need to work towards him wearing a headcollar. Fortunately I know a good book about that.