Monday, October 23, 2017

23rd October, 2017 Useful Kit and Contraptions

The cheapest, and most useful piece of horse kit I own is a soft scarf which is ideal for teaching a foal, or any horse, the concept of being softly restrained and for the introduction of the head-collar.

I've got a few ragwort plants in my new field so I am very grateful to the inventor of the ragwort fork and think he or she deserves a rosette. Ragwort rosettes are not the sort you want to be given. I'm hoping that if I attack them early they won't get to the flowering stage.

The most complicated piece of technology we used this weekend was the post-basher which was a present to our landlord Anthony from his father - just the sort of present that everyone needs.

It was great to see the last section of post and rail fencing going up.