Monday, October 9, 2017

9th October, 2017 No Grand Reunion

When my Forest ponies turned up this morning I took the opportunity to bring them in as there is another drift this Friday and I don't want Juma, in particular, to go through that. This gave me the chance to reintroduce Peechay to his mother and witness their reactions. With a foal at foot I knew that it was unlikely that she would welcome him home and I was proved right.

Catching sight of her for the first time there was no obvious sign of recognition although I think it slowly dawned on him as they day went by.

Grazing in the small paddock next to hers, both are more interested in the grass.

When I turned him in with them the girls formed a tight cordon around Juma...rather like elephants do with their young.

Which left him bewildered and frustrated...

...they carried on with their normal activities...

...while he looked on... doubt feeling a little forlorn as he eyed up the little orange usurper.