Thursday, October 12, 2017

12th October, 2017 Going into Orbit

Great to have new tracks to explore, or at least ones that I haven't ridden for many years. Clearly Petra remembers them as she became extremely excited and made life quite hard for Tracey by pulling all the time. Sadly that means that she will be out of her Orbitless and back in her bit for a few days as I have to put safety ahead of Petra's desire to emulate her grandmother who was a racehorse.

Things are looking up for Peechay who has now gained access to his little brother and seems very fond of him. Once the drift is over tomorrow they will be coming off this long grass.

Fortunately Peechay also seems to approve of mules too.

The two sets of horses spend a lot of time shadowing each other down the fence-line and don't seem to be missing Petra and Théoden too much.