Tuesday, December 26, 2017

26th December, 2017 Bubble and Squeak Day

There are some people who put so much time and effort into Christmas - weeks of preparation getting everything just right. These same people forsake all of the calories on Christmas Day itself, never over-indulge, and are more excited on Boxing Day than Christmas Eve. These are the (mad?) people who take part in the New Forest Point to Point. The three mile course (1 1/2 mile for children) is kept secret until the day of the races and riders can choose their own route to the finish. The overnight rain had rendered an already challenging course even more muddy.

Well known sires: Farriers Fingerprint and Sway Mister Blue Sky marshalling for the day

Inevitably the children of long established Commoners are starting to come through on their ponies, the Lovell brothers coming first and second in their class, no doubt heralding many years of fiercely contested races.