Sunday, December 31, 2017

31st December, 2017 Keeping Track of the Situation

Typical that on a day that I wanted to discuss something with Nelly and the ‘out’ ponies, she didn’t turn up for her breakfast. My friend Kate Walding has loaned me her tracking system which I am looking forward to trying out on Nelly so that I can find her easily when I need to and also map where she has been. Hopefully she will turn up tomorrow morning.

On the subject of tracking, I’ve made the hard decision to close my blog as I feel as if I have nothing useful left to say that I haven’t already said (many times) before. I’d really like to thank everyone who has followed the blog over the years and especially those who have sent encouragement and love through the airwaves.

The Roman God Janus is associated with January and is often depicted with two faces, one looking backwards and one looking forwards. I can look back over all of the work that I have done over the past decade or so with a sense of satisfaction knowing that I have changed the outlook for many horses and their owners, and look forward to the future writing my book and seeing where life takes me. You can still keep track of me and the horses through my personal Facebook page.

I am optimistic about the future of horses with their humans especially now that those streams of horsemanship that evolved during the eighties and nineties, once followed with unquestioning rigidity, are being subtly tailored to the horses they are applied to. It’s great to see that many of them have become main stream and that people are using a logic, and not just human logic, when training their horses. It’s wonderful for me to see so many No Fear, No Force techniques being used with semi-feral and nervous horses and ponies – there is a lot to be said for a feather duster and a soft scarf.

Please do the best by your horses, donkeys, and mules, and give them all a kiss for me.