Thursday, March 26, 2009

19th March, 2009 Banjul, The Gambia

To warm us up, literally, for our trip to Kenya, we have come to The Gambia but this time for a rest. When one of my clients said “We've got a house in the Gambia, you could stay in it if you want”, I don't suppose she imagined for one second that we would go and buy the tickets that night. Although the flight was a nightmare – the people behind us must have had a meal entirely made up of raw garlic the night before - it is great to be somewhere warm and dry for once. The worrying thing is that we don't even know the address for where we are living other than that it is on the sand road opposite the 3D Mini-Mart and if our friendly taxi driver abandons us, we'll be lost forever. Needless to say, animal care is er....interesting here. The donkeys look well but have horrible rope bits tightly fastened around their lower jaws. The horse up the road shelters without water under his own cart under the midday sun.