Monday, March 2, 2009

2nd March, 2009 Two and a Quarter

On Saturday I wandered over to Bath to work with two New Forest yearlings that were bought from the Beaulieu Road Sales in October. One, a son of Farrier's Rambler and the other, by Bakeburn Jethro, were both fairly easy to train using the foal handling technique. By the end of the session the owner could touch them easily and put a headcollar on them.

Post on IHDG by Sarah B on 8th March: A big thank you to Sarah W for her excellent help, good humour ( and good sense of same), non-judgementalism (if there is such a word), and for transforming the little foalies. She gave me lots of confidence. It was well worth the visit and so now I'd have no hesitation in recommending Sarah W to those who have reached an impasse with their horse. I found the whole session immensely interesting and absorbing, so that the time flew by. It seems that the pawing is likely to be a result of his hormones encouraging colty behaviour, but he behaved as good as gold - as pie - and has done ever since. Anyway, I'm so pleased with how they're getting on. Today I led them a little way in the field. Archie was a bit slow to get the idea but Spike was a star! Thanks Sarah for all your help!

Then on 10th: Latest news....Can put headcollars on with ease. Wormed them yesterday - they behaved like angels. Led them out of their dining rooms (stables) into the field to meet humans they didn't really know - again they were angels. Spike stood in his food bowl and scooped most of his food out onto the floor with his pawing foot - no change there!

This morning I went off to see a two-year old Quarter Horse to make plans for his training and eventual starting. He is a lovely horse, super teddy-bear colour with a winter woolly coat to match.

E-mail received 12.4.09: Thought I would give you an update on how well Sandy is doing. Since your last visit the naughty nibbly behaviour has completely stopped. How disappointed was I when I arrived at his field armed and ready with my rattley bottle; I have never had to use it!

He continues to amaze me with his attitude towards life and everything he encounters, I really think he is a very special boy. Thank you for all your advice and insight into what is truly going on in Sandy’s mind, the methods you use are compassionate and I have seen instant results with my clever little quarter horse.