Saturday, March 13, 2010

13th March, 2010 Reggie

Reggie is a Forest-bred New Forest Pony who originally came from Jonathan Gerelli, the Head Agister, and was sold through Beaulieu Road Sales. He then went to Sturminster Newton with a collection of foals before being sold to Rachel who has now had him for about a year. Today we worked on desensitisation techniques so that she can get him used to as many things as possible before he is started either later this year or early next. He's four now. There was no need to do any groundwork as he is so light and responsive - a really nice pony and a great relationship between him and Rachel. We worked with three techniques: touch and move away for things with which he can be touched, following for things which he can er....follow, and circling and gentle backing up for things which he can go over, through or round. He did really well and seemed genuinely interested in everything. Very very nice pony and owner too.
In the top picture I am drawing a graph in the sand........