Saturday, March 27, 2010

27th March, 2010 It's my party........

This morning I had my last session with Davy before he is due to go home. We wanted to work on setting up the most subtle way of asking him to move his shoulder away from his handler so that he is less intimidating when he is frightened. He is pretty immune to body language, noise or even the twirling rope and so we worked on asking him to move away from direct pressure on his shoulder. By setting this up when his adrenalin is low I hope that it will become more instinctive to him when he is worried and his into-pressure response more likely to come to the fore.
"A huge thank you for the last two weeks I really learnt alot and really enjoyed the time spent with you and your horses. It is now time for me to practice with Davey and hopefully I will be able to report that all is going well !!! The whole experience was wonderful and I have taken away with me a whole new way of thinking." DB
This afternoon it was off to Bramshaw to work with Kate and Rachel and their horses Bentley and Remy. It was officially a birthday present for Rachel. Bentley is a Welsh Cob and Remy is a VERY tall Gelderlander. Both were great fun to work with and engaged throughout the whole session. Remy coped with his two main bugbears, umbrellas and a golf trolley - essential when he lives next to a golf course!