Thursday, June 3, 2010

3rd June, 2010 No Fear No Force

It's been just over a year since No Fear, No Force was published and it has been going out at the steady rate of one a day. The latest beneficiary is Tor, a Dartmoor Hill pony, purchased by Kafee off the IHDG. This is the message I got from her....

"Well, I wasn't expecting to have anything to tell you until the end of the week, but things rather snowballed, almost literally, this evening. I sat and ate an apple with Tor twice today, and he came and took the both apple cores. I made a glove-on-a-stick this afternoon, and decided to make a start on desensitizing him this evening. I shut him in half the shelter, and started the touching which was a bit of a non-event, in that he looked a little wary but didn't move away at all. I did both sides with the glove, and when he started yawning I gave him a few minutes rest. Then I worked my way up the stick, until I was touching him with my hand. Still no real reaction other than looking round to see what I was doing. Did both sides, and gave him a rest when he started yawning again.Started again with the glove but quickly replaced it with my hand. Once I'd worked my way up to behind his ears, I gave him a little scratch which was a BIG hit with him. After that there was no looking back! I hadn't intended to put a headcollar on tonight, but I did, after working with him for about 20 minutes . I hadn't intended to groom him tonight, but I've just come in from spending half an hour removing dreadlocks with a plastic curry comb. I've groomed him ALL over, legs, tummy the lot! I'm covered in white hair, and floor of the shelter looks like there's been a snow storm.I know you said they come round faster, but that was express! I've got to read more of your book tonight, I'm already ahead of myself. I don't think I'll have to shut him in the shelter again, just walk up to him and start scratching. Might end up teaching him to lead tomorrow! Thanks for writing your book." Kafee