Saturday, June 5, 2010

5th June, 2010 BHS at Brickfields

The BHS training day at Brickfields went sort of well. Attendance was high and scepticism low which makes a nice change. Sadly the PA system really let us down and the audience either had to cope with straining their ears or put up with the intermittent boom of the microphone. It must have been worse than Waterloo. Kelly was faced with a non-loader that was the trickiest I have ever seen. Putting it mildly, he had previously been loaded using every method available and he wasn't even prepared to walk over a tarpaulin or wooden board. He had apparently trashed three ramps before and even laid down on a ramp. Another example of a 11 hand horse in a 17 hand suit. Kelly persevered for a long time during which the horse went from saying no to even looking at the tarpaulin to loading half way up the ramp.

In the meantime, Rosie and I worked with three other horses. My first horse was extremely spooky but enabled me to demonstrate the use of the feather duster first of all to desensitise him to things with which he can be touched and also to things that he could follow. He got quite enthusiastic about the latter. Whilst Rosie was busy clipping a clipper phobic pony without holding it at all, I finished with a lovely black (forest-bred) New Forest pony that was ear shy and frightened of men. He had apparently been sedated to have his feet trimmed. I was able to demonstrate how to get over both problems before borrowing a man from the audience to pick up his feet. Scooby was brilliant and went on to work with the umbrella and begin an introduction to long lining. If it wasn't for the regulations on the ferry, I might have brought this one home.

I met some more really enthusiastic people on the IOW and I would be happy to spend more time there. I'm happy to work on my daily rate with two customers per day and to do clinics or demos where premises are available.

This is what lovely Annie said about the two days:

"Many thanks for a wonderful two days and for giving your time so generously once again. Fantastic to see you....and yes, I can categorically make for a truly memorable and fun birthday present! I had a fabulous time learning more and more - couldn't have wished for a better birthday present. Kate and I spent a long time reflecting on the demo at Brickfields and came to the overwhelming conclusion you shone like a beacon for all to see. (I don't just mean the slightly sun burnt face from the previous days exertions!). You radiate a passion and love for your work and the horses and ponies you help. It really does show and I hope you are aware of this. Please keep up your inspiring work and we hope to see you very soon."
Annie -x-

and Diana:

"I really enjoyed your demonstration at Brickfields and was lucky enough to be close enough to hear what you were saying. Full of enthusiasm, I tried your techniques on my Haflinger the next day and only took 5 minutes to move from fear of the hosepipe to allowing me to use it to stroke him all over (the water was off)."

and Ali:

"Thanks you for a brilliant IOW demo. I loved the day"

And Kelly (Marks):

"It was brilliant to have you along on Saturday. You were a big bonus for people..."