Thursday, December 16, 2010

16th December, 2010 Great strides

I've been having a few life lessons myself this week having missed the moment when a Quarter Horse colt decided that he had had enough. He had been loading very quietly and growing more and more confident and I was just thinking, "if this were my own horse I'd probably stop about now", when he exploded. Whether he read my mind I don't know but then I was damned if I did and damned if I didn't and needed to ask him to quietly load again before we stopped the session . I didn't want him to learn that throwing his toys out of the pram would get everyone to give up. Fortunately we were able to end the session on a really nice note but I wish I had stopped about two seconds before the explosion. It's pretty rare for me to have noisy dramas but it was a lesson in listening to myself.
A trip down to Marilyn's the next day to find that Beau had a swollen eye. This is a lesson I learned a long time ago - don't wait and see what happens with poorly eye, get the vet straight away. It was good to see Tim from The Barn who has been away for a year and he was able to treat a small scratch on Beau's eye, check his teeth and give the poor chap his annual booster.

Pandemonium at Vale Farm yesterday when as a backdrop to our course, eight more equines were delivered. These include Zootie the Zorse, Zambi the Zonkey and several curly coated horses. The course went very well with Dot leading independently and the Quarter Horse foals all leading in a larger area having had their headcollars on very easily.
Photos: Zambi who is now a weanling, Zootie the Zorse, one of the curly coated horses,Dot being led by Kate and Scarlet being led by Kate.