Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21st December, 2010 Semi-colonoscopy

With no work due to the snow, I have ample time for my editorial duties for the Listening Post. I have received some really interesting articles and all I need to do is sort out the odd bit of grammar. I am looking for articles that are interesting, educational and have an Intelligent Horsemanship angle. If you feel inspired to write them please send articles to me at sarahweston.logg@virgin.net . They need to be either 900 or 1,750 words or thereabouts and you can leave the proof reading and editing to me providing you have no ego!! I am also trying to build up a library of really good horse photos that I can use in the magazine, so, if you would like to see your picture in print, send them to the same e-mail address. They need to be high resolution (at least 3MB) and really good quality - I can't promise to use them all but I will give credit for all those that I do. The wonderful thing has been that of the photographs that I have receieved so far many have arrived with a brief story attached.