Thursday, February 10, 2011

10th February, 2010 Listening Post

I'm not sure the role of Editor of the Listening Post is a good for the potential compulsive obsessive but I am loving it. I race out of bed every morning full of ideas and energy and am usually still in my dressing gown at 9 o'clock tapping away at my computer. The turning point was an article called A Glance Into the Past which arrived fully formed but with no photographs. An appeal on the Intelligent Horsemanship Discussion Group and to my local friends brought in some of the most poignant pictures from a time when a horse was a necessity rather than a luxury. Each one arrived with it's only little story about Auntie This or Cousin That. The real pleasure is in seeing an ordinary word document transformed into a work of art by designer Simon Spencer. I send him a kiss with every e-mail but they have never been reciprocated! My Mum and a fellow RA, Liz Pitman have been fantastic proof readers and sub editors although they do sometimes give things a mauling. For me it's like combing out a horse's tail, bit by bit you remove all the knots, reveal the shine and shape and are hopefully left with a thing of beauty....we'll see. First edition is out 1st March.