Monday, February 21, 2011

21st February, 2011 Week end....

The rest of last week went very smoothly. Beau had his first ride in a bigger area and took it all in his stride. Champ, who may eventually be driven, was followed around the field by a wheelbarrow! Winnie and Raf (above) had some groundwork and on Saturday I went out to a horse that was refusing to load into a horsebox. This morning I went out to a nice two year old New Forest pony to work on boundaries and manners. Apart from bopping me on the chin with his head (ouch!) he was fine and by the end of the session leading nicely. Interesting bruise on my chin.

"Its all working extremely well. We came head to head with a tractor hedge cutter this morning while doing some in hand work. He kept listening to me and all was well!" RW - RAf's er...grandma (I'm not sure she'll be pleased with that title!)
"M went straight in the lorry on Sunday with no hesitation so I took her hunting...." KM