Thursday, February 3, 2011

3rd February, 2011 Guest Blog: Over Promotion

From Carol Hartman - right (owner of Gingernut - left)

"I was made the milk monitor at school once and although thrilled by the prospect of such heady responsibility I found myself lying awake at night worried about my new role. I have a little Exmoor pony who has gone much the same way. Although no milk is involved he has found himself in a new role in the herd and frankly his nerves are just not up to the job. He was the bottom of the pecking order of my group of three when last year we bought our lovely Welsh Cob mare. She, by her sheer size, can get her own way simply by throwing her weight or should I say heels about. She has fallen in love with the little chap and he now basks in her protection and glory. He has moved up the ranks but this new found promotion has left him jittery and spooky. My once sweet, calm pony is now “on watch” and consequently completely different to handle. I was chatting to a friend about my “changeling” pony and she said the same had happened to her horse. The moving out of her yard of the “boss” elevated her horse up the rankings and he too changed from an unassuming kind of a guy to a wary and watchful individual. It just goes to show, being “promoted” is not all its cracked up to be and some equines are just not management material. It is interesting to witness how often the herd leader is very often not the happiest of horses."