Thursday, February 3, 2011

3rd February, 2011 Foot problems

Jack is in fine fettle and his feet look amazing after just a few weeks of going out and about on more gravelly and hard tracks. He never seems to struggle and when you consider that he has never had his feet trimmed or pared, they are in great shape. Mine on the other hand are not. Just over 10 years ago I dropped a motorbike on my foot and broke the 5th metatarsul. Needless to say I screamed at the time which was probably a good job as it prevented David from killing me for damaging his BRAND NEW Ducati Sports Tourer. The bike never forgave me and insisted on breaking down even when we took it to Italy for its holidays. I think this injury has come back to haunt me and at the moment it is looking set to prevent me from doing the sponsored walk/run for the IH charity that I hope to complete with Jack in September. At bang on 1 hour and 10 minutes into any walk it starts to burn like mad and it really is excrutiating. I doubt there is anything that the doctor can do I'd like to have it x-rayed before going to see a podiatrist.