Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13th July, 2011 Fautras Fortress

Loading practice for Badger today who looked rather dapper in his poker playing poll guard. This was the first time that I had worked with a Fautras trailer - only a tiny ramp or they can be used as a step up (not so keen on that option). They are a really solid looking trailer with loads of room for the horse. It has double doors at the back like a wardrobe! Successful session with Badger loading time after time.

E-mail received 14.7 from JG: Success - Badger loaded 3 times tonight.

E-mail received 1.8 "All went well with the travelling on Sunday. Badger walked straight in the trailer and was quite calm once shut in. He called a lot as we went up the track and his field mate was shouting back, but he soon tucked into his hay net and travelled well. We had a good crack at our first le trec, poor Badger was very tired by the end of it, it was quite hot too, but he was very good. He argued a little, maybe 5 mins but not long, before getting in the trailer to come home but I felt quite confident with the skills you had taught me that we would get home so I kept him moving, kept a little presure on the rope, looked at his feet and eventually he walked in and travelled well. I loaded him again at home on Monday morning because I thought he might say 'no way, you drove off with me yesterday' but he didnt hesitate and walked straight in - what a good boy!"