Tuesday, July 19, 2011

19th July, 2011 Forwards

Guilda stepping out through the poles this afternoon with Jenny on board.

This morning, William and I, went to meet a newly purchased New Forest pony who had become shy about having his bridle on. His problem was very specific - he happily takes the bit itself (better than I have ever seen any horse do), is happy to have the left ear put under the crown piece but unhappy about the right ear. The vet has checked his ears and his mouth to make sure there are no underlying problems. Once again the problem seems to have been solved by pushing his ear forwards with a flat hand and then through the gap between the crown piece and the brow band. I think a lot of horses object to having the crown piece pulled back over their ears particularly at this time of year when the flies are so irritating.

"E-pony has been so much better with the bridle the last couple of days!! " E-mail from E's owner.