Monday, July 18, 2011

18th July, 2011 Express yourself

I don't have a lot of pictures of horses rearing on my blog site - I really try not to provoke it as a response and I don't think it is particularly cool that I can 'deal' with a horse that rears; I'd rather work without drama. However, ex-racehorse Lucy had so much pent up emotion and energy when she was put on a single line this morning that the best thing to do seemed to be to let her get it all out. All I asked was that she didn't bring the behaviour into the middle with me so I used body language to keep her out and remained fairly passive. As she calmed down, I began to direct her movement and to show her that I didn't need her to be on automatic pilot.

I don't see this behaviour as naughty; she is just expressing the way she feels. If your horse bucks, rears, kicks, bites, gets down and rolls when he is hot, kicks a hole in your field shelter, chews things, puts his head down to eat grass and isn't all that bothered about working then the evidence all points to the fact that he is........ a horse.