Friday, July 1, 2011

1st July, 2011 Whoosh Cobs

Never a week goes by I should think when I don't see a New Forest pony for one reason or another - but that is because I live here and the place is inundated with them. However, I also see at least one Welsh Cob a week and this week there have been two. I try not to label horses and don't like to make generalisations about any particular breed, nevertheless, I am going to rename the Welsh Cob the Whoosh Cob because of the propensity they seem to have for whooshing. Yesterday's Whoosh Cob's whooshing was intimidating the owner on the ground and affecting her confidence in the saddle, today's Whoosh Cob has decided to woosh when her owners want to catch her and during the week, my friend's Whoosh Cob has Whooshed so badly that he fell off and has now decided to Whoosh his hands of her. Of course, my whole life changed course as a result of a Whoosh Cob - otherwise I would still be a lawyer and perhaps have more money. Kelly says that she loves Whoosh Cobs because they keep all of her RA's in business. I reckon these ponies are at their best when they have a job to do - they certainly have a lot of stamina and make a good job of a decent hill. They are often speedy and strong too. They were bred of course to pull and carry things but they can never be called a quiet cob.