Sunday, April 13, 2014

13th April, 2014 Silver and Gold

The RDA Centre at Biniali is a splendid place not just for the children with disabilities that ride there. The ponies and horses live out in small herds in paddocks during the day and bigger fields at night. There's a fair range of sizes and shapes. The children who come have a wide range of abilities and disabilities and the centre has the facilities to meet their needs including two arenas, a round pen environment and a cross country course. Jordi works here during the week and at weekends and we also met Katerina. There's a tidal wave of interest in 'natural' horsemanship on the island right now and it's lovely to hear how the psychological needs of the horses are being met.

Later in the week we met Tricia's dazzling horses including her Lusitano and PRE stallions.

These mares have a promising future and consideration is being given to whether they should be bred from or not in the current economic climate. Traditionally they have their manes and tails shaved right off in these early years as it is believed that it makes the resulting mane and tail grow more strongly.

I love this picture of Xanthe. Her little dog Pusa (Flea) doesn't seem so impressed with the size of the company.