Saturday, September 13, 2014

13th September, 2014 When Life Gets Complicated

Although Bryn is beginning to be a world expert in long-reining, he is still very apprehensive about being mounted. Normally I would work on desensitising him over and over again, perhaps counter-conditioning him with clickered treats to reward him for accepting a rider, however, we are still not satisfied that we have the right saddle for him. Although it may not be the cause of the problem it is certainly not alleviating it.

Alan is a dream to work with as he sits so still and doesn't show any signs of tension at all. Bryn himself might bounce on the spot but contains himself very well before calming down. Next week we are going to try another set of saddles on him (including a treeless and a Western) and hope that he will give each one the benefit of the doubt until we find something that is truly comfortable for him.

Nettles is also in a pickle since he is changing four teeth at the same time and his wolf teeth are coming through. I can't imagine how sore he is at the moment and he looks like a pony with a headache. I did give him a little Bute this afternoon just to take the edge off it all.