Friday, July 14, 2017

14th July, 2017 Precious Moments

Today was one of those days of precious moments... I have been looking for The Blues, Nelly, and Juma for nearly a week and came across them, at last, today. I sat on the heather to take lots of pictures and Juma came up to me, touch, touch, touched me with his little nose, and then let me stroke his nose, cheeks, and chest. He studied me very carefully and I whispered promises to him about his life and how I hope it will be.

Shortly afterwards I spied a rider in the distance who looked familiar as she got nearer. It turned out to be Ingrid and her horse Mishmash.

The keeper of the keys, checker of the wristbands, has taken over the field shelter again...

Somehow, she has inspired a poem from a fan...

Henrietta is a horse,
no wait a minute, that’s not true,
she’s at least as much a donkey,which was obvious to those who knew.
Her favourite ginger biscuits are flying off the shelf,
the local shopkeeper thinks her trainer is eating them all herself!

Henrietta’s unique outlook,
along with her deceptive charm,
means that she is more than capable,
of keeping other equines out of her barn.
Her special characteristics and mental prowess keep us entertained,
no obstacle is beyond her, even when it rains.

Henrietta has a fan club, they follow her with love, secretly wanting to own her,
but know no-one ever could!
Oh Henrietta how we adore you,
thank you for just being you,
for I think we can safely say,
you are one of very few!
Shelley Hallam, July 2017 

In other news, Doris has had a bath today. Her prospective home has fallen through so she is still looking for a new one. She is a truly lovely horse.

And of course Karen and Natasha are continuing to do a splendid job with Moon who has discovered that the monkeys can be really useful.