Saturday, July 22, 2017

22nd July, 2017 Ancient Monuments

Today, Tracey and I did a short tour of ancient monuments which did not include our clients, Richard, Jan and Ann of course. We were collecting my last set of panels which they have had on loan for some months since I damaged my thumb. It'll be good not to be traipsing around the countryside with the panels clattering on a trailer behind us, keenly keeping a watch out for horses so that we can pull over and keep quiet! Despite removing the pins, the panels always clang together, especially on roads off the beaten track.

Richard, Jan and Ann, were in good form and we had a conference inside one of their horse trailers whilst the rain beat down on the roof. We all loaded well! The horses are doing well too with Bond off to an important competition tomorrow, and Archie travelling without throwing himself over the breast bar (which is now covered by a Bar Buffer). They have been practising between events, and also going on short journeys, in order to top up their horses confidence.

We took a detour on the way home to go past Stonehenge, where there were hordes of people waiting to look at the stones, and then dropped in to see the Exmoors, including Nuthatch at Danebury Rings. He is looking so well and my thirteen years of working as a horse trainer have been worth it just to see him safe and happy at this site.

Bond competing at the Piddle Ride...